Lufthansa【ICN-FRA】LH713、LH712、ビジネスクラス②[ 食事編 ]




【LH713 (ICN-FRA)】[ 行き ]

左:Romaine Lettuce with Quail Eggs , Parmesan Cheese and Croutons
右:Prosciutto with Musk Melon and grilled Artichoke Hearts

(その他、Avocado , Shrimp and Vegetable Roll in sweet Ginger Sause)

左:Char broiled Tenderloin of Beef with Herbed Butter , Celeriac Puree and Mushrooms
右:Bibimpap , Minced Beef with Bean Sprout , Oyster Mushrooms and Carrots , Boiled Beef with green Pepper and Garlic , Seaweed Soup , Kimchi

(その他、Pan fried Sea Bream with Olive Basil Tomato Sause and buttered Spinach)

左:Cherry Jalousie
右:Brie , Cheddar and Emmental Cheese

(その他、Fresh Fruit Salad)


Roast Beef Salad with Tomato Mozzarella Salad , Mascarpone Panna Cotta

(その他、Dak Jorim , spicy braised Chicken with steamed Rice)

【LH712 (FRA-ICN)】[ 帰り ]

左:Mixed Lettuce with grilled Vegetabeles , Herb Mushrooms , Pumpkin and Emmental Cheese , accompanied by Herb Dressing
右:Poached marinated King Prawns Horseradish Chive Tartlet and Vegetable Vinaigrette

(その他、Veal simmered in Vegetable Stock with red Radish Vinaigrette and Cucumber Herb Salas)

左:Roast Corn fed Poulard with Thyme , creamy Cucumber and Peart Barley Risotto
右:Bibimpap , with Spinach , Zucchini , Bellflower , Radish , Shiitake Mushrooms and Soy Shoot , Kimchi , Strips of Beef in Chili and pickled Garlic , Seaweed Soup

(その他、Steamed Halibut with Almond Butter , Summer Vegetables and mashed Potatos)

左:Melon Coctail
右:Woodruff Jelly with Strawberry Lime Compote

(その他、Rahmberg Cheese and Obatzda , a creamed Cheese Bavarian Style with red Radish)


Vanilla Curd with Pistachios
with ,
左:Farmer Ham Tyrolean Style , Turkey Filet Ham , Emmental and Yogurt Cheese
右:Scrambled Egg with Turkey Ham , Hash Browns , green Asparagus

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